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  • Europe - 1989
  • Kirk Cederberg - The Life & Times
  • Bahia Principe - Punta Cana
  • William (Bill) MacRae
  • Levi Puppy
  • Ocean Blue & Sand Resort - 2012
  • Mary Cederberg - In Loving Memory
  • Secrets Resort - Punta Cana

Samples Of My Work

DVD Slideshow - Photographs Only

Our Trip To Europe (1989)

Ever had that 'trip of a life-time'?  Took part in the 50th Wedding Anniversary of someone you know?  A 50th birthday? Any life achievement event?  This is the type of DVD for you.  I have done hundred's of 50th Birthday DVD's, 50th Wedding Anniversary DVD's, Graduations DVD's, Bar (and Bat) Mitzvah's.  These are events that are extremely important to people... and of course, the biggest event I've created DVD's for - Weddings!


Memorial DVD - Photographs Only

Kirk Cederberg - The Life & Times (2009)

This Memorial DVD is one of five that I created for my oldest brother who died suddenly on April 29th, 2009.  Kirk was a big man that lived a big life and was the favourite uncle of all his nieces and nephews.  The last piece of video I shot of Kirk, he was sitting in Hal's backyard postulating about my 'grassy knoll' theory with his own brand of humour.  The 5 separate parts were all uploaded to YouTube in 4-7 minute chunks, but there is just 1 DVD with all the photographs and video I had of him.  I sent the YouTube links out to all his friends around the world and the positive feedback I got was amazing.


DVD Slideshow - Photographs & Video

The Bahia Principe - Punta Cana (2011)

We headed down for our first trip to the Dominican Republic since 1986 to help my brother-in-law celebrate his 50th birthday.  He wasn't expecting us as we'd got there a day earlier and we surprised him when he and his group arrived down at one of the pools - at the Bahia Principe in Punta Cana.



Memorial DVD - Photographs Only

William (Bill) MacRae (2012)

William Lyons MacRae was born in Toronto on July 21st, 1925.  He was a veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy and after his military service Bill started working for the CIBC while raising his family in Streetsville with his wife Doreen. After 35 years at the bank, Bill and Doreen retired to Midland where he and Doreen continued to 'live the dream'.  Bill passed away peacefully in his 88th year on July 26, 2012 with his family by his side.



Memorial DVD - Photographs

Levi - My Best Friend Forever (2015)

His birth name was Garlyns Levi - the Levi came from the fact they put a piece of denim colour wool around his neck during feeding so they could tell he'd been fed!  He was a huge part of this family and when I retired in 2006 he and I were inseparable... glued at the hip.  We went everywhere together until it got to the point where I couldn't get him into my truck anymore.  We knew the end was nigh when we had to hand feed him but he was a fighter!  He fought cancer... and won... he fought a collapsed larynx... and won... he fought epilepsy... and won!



Memorial DVD - Photographs & Video

Mary Cederberg - Forever Missed (2012)

Mary Elizabeth Cederberg (nee Kirkland), born and raised in the Kirkland Lake area of northern Ontario.  Met Fred Cederberg at Queens University in 1948 and eventually wed after graduating with her degree in Nursing.  Settled in Streetsville, Ontario and bore Fred 5 children and resumed nursing as the youngest started high school.  Mary passed away peacefully in October 2013 and will be forever missed by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I used a lot of old B&W photos and 8mm film from the 1970's for this.



DVD Slideshow - Photographs & Video

The Ocean Blue & Sand Resort - Punta Cana (2012)

This year we flew off to the Ocean Sand & Blue Resort in Punta Cana. It was a beautiful resort located amongst all the other beach resorts with miles and miles of white sand beaches. The daily trip a couple of kilometers down to the market for cigars and other items was always something to look forward to.



DVD Slideshow - Photographs & Video

Secrets Resort - Punta Cana (2013)

By February 2013 we'd had enough of 'Old Man Winter' and bolted for warmer climes!  We spent 7 glorious days on the island nation of Dominican Republic, specifically at the Secrets Resort in Punta Cana.  Never saw a drop of rain or felt a temperature below 25.  I took lots of pictures and video and put together this little video and shared it with friends that travelled with us!