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How do I know that I succeeded in fulfilling my goal - giving you the best product possible?  These are just a few comments from satisfied customers of mine.  With each client I build a relationship of trust right from the beginning, discussing design concepts for custom menus, the content of each DVD, the style of labels to be used right through to the delivery of the final product.  You'll have input at every stage of the process!  I know I've succeeded when clients write comments like these...

DVD Slideshow

Mike, thank-you for doing such a wonderful job putting together our family DVD memories. It made us laugh and cry! And thanks for meeting with our deadline, helping us choose just the perfect music, the time to scan old black and white pictures that were stubbornly stuck to the photo album! It is a great comfort to know we can always look back on the memories we love the best . We would highly recommend you to all our friends.

Steve J. | Mississauga

Reels of film to DVD

I took all my mother's super 8 films to Mike Cederberg in the hope that he would be able to do a better job than Blacks did. I had no idea that the end product was going to be as good as it was. I got to choose what type of music to put in the background.... It was absolutely amazing. The music, the fade-in's and out's, the brightening up of dark sections of the films and it was actually exciting to watch them all over again. I wouldn't go to anyone other than Mike to have something like this done again.

Sue R. | Burlington

50th Anniversary DVD Slideshow

Mike transferred VHS of my family over to DVD for a 50th Anniversary. It was a fabulous job and heart-warming to see what he does with family memories like slides and photos. He made sure we were happy with the final product. Since we first went to him, several friends and family members have utilized his talents. You won't be disappointed.

Dave S. | Milton

Family Videos to DVD

I boxed up all our family video tapes (some were broken and had to be repaired), dropped them off with Mike at Soft Touch Video and he put together a beautiful set of DVD's - all in chronological order and our family photo on the face of each DVD. No more rewinding or fast forwarding. Each DVD has the date stamped on it and it was all delivered in a nice DVD Binder. Mike did a great job and I've recommended him to several people that have had their home video collection converted as well.

Todd & Liz L. | Streetsville

Family videos to DVD

I've had Mike complete three different projects for me and in all three cases my family and friends have been overwhelmed with the level of professionalism and originality he used when creating our DVD's. I've had nothing but positive experiences from Mike at Soft Touch Video and recommend his work to anyone looking to convert home movies to DVD.

Jay H. | Burlington

Reels of film to DVD

My wife and I were very satisfied with both the quality of the video and the service Mike provided. It's great having those memories readily available on DVD! Everything from the DVD cover to the editing was extremely well done and we would recommend this service to anyone wishing to preserve their memories in a safe and fun way.

Michael S. | Burlington

DVD Slideshow from scanned slides

My family members and I were extremely pleased with the excellent product you were able to put together with minimal input from myself. The old 300-odd slides you put onto a DVD turned out great. You did a helluva job Mike.

Chris C. | Elora

Family videos to DVD

I've had all our family video tapes converted to DVD with Soft Touch Video and was amazed and extremely pleased with the results! The quality is excellent and the personalization of the discs were fantastic. We never watched the taped footage before and they just collected in a cupboard, but we watch the DVD's a lot and bring them to show family and friends at get-togethers. My video/photo memories are the most valuable things sitting around my house and I think it's great to protect them this way. I recommend Soft Touch Video to everyone!

Stephanie P. | Milton

Camcorder tapes to DVD

I've had Mike transpose all our old camcorder tapes to DVD and now find that we watch them as a family all the time! No more rewinding, searching around for RCA jacks to plug into the TV, running cords, etc. We just pop them in the DVD player and away we go. The DVDs are all nicely labeled, musically scored and organized in a handy leather pouch - a great convenience. We highly recommend Mike's service - worth every penny!

Rob S. & Family | Mississauga

Mini DVDs transferred to full size discs

I bought some cheap mini DVD’s on eBay that I used to record the first few years of our children's lives. When I tried to play them in the DVD player they didn’t work. I was able to bring the box of DVD’s to Mike and he was not only able to transfer them to another DVD, but cleaned up my awful taping and put in custom menus for easy reference. He also put my brother's wedding on a separate DVD and set it to music and added photos and a story. It was amazing.

Dawn O. | Caledon

Wedding video to DVD

My husband and I were very pleased with the DVD that Soft Touch Video created of our Wedding Day. We truly appreciate the way you brought our past, together with the most important day of our lives. Your creativity using colour, symbolism, and music; and your meticulous work came together beautifully. Whenever we watch our wedding DVD it is an emotional time that we both cherish. It is sure to become an annual event in our household and I would recommend Soft Touch Video to anyone who is looking for a similar experience. Thank you again.

Sara A. | Burlington

Family videos to DVD

Outstanding Mike - watched the two disks earlier today (first chance). We only intended to watch for 5 to 10 minutes but we cancelled our plans and stayed home to watch entire video. Now my wife doesn't want to wait until June when we celebrate birthdays/anniversaries ... she wants to give them to my brother and sisters at Easter as she can't wait to see their reaction. I'm really glad I didn't wait any longer as it would've been terrible to loose those memories. Again Mike, thanks so much. You just did a great job for us and we really appreciate it.

Michael M. & Family | Brampton

DVD Slideshows

I would like to express my thanks to Mike for all the work he has done for me. He has created on two separate occasions DVD’s for me and did a fantastic job. The first was a family DVD in which he had to scan in almost 200 hundred pictures. He had to organize, edit and put music to them. It’s amazing how creative he can be. These were Christmas gifts for my family and they could not have asked for a better gift… they thought the DVD was awesome. He also made another DVD for me of a trip my girlfriends that I had made and again it was more than we could have asked for. He is professional in his work and a perfectionist right down to the DVD cover.

Michele P. | Mississauga

Family camcorder videos to DVD

I was very impressed with both the final product and the level of service I received from Soft Touch Video. I will be using their services for all of my future video conversion needs and would definitely recommend Mike Cederberg and Soft Touch Video.

Cindy N. | Mississauga

Video to DVD

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on our DVD' you know this was a very special project for us, being Amy's first directorial debut...and We are thrilled with the quality and the labels you created........and the amazing DVD case covers !! They are just amazing - You are very talented and creative!! We will keep you posted on the film festival...keep your fingers crossed for her!! and thanks for you patience and being so knowledgeable in an area where we are truly lost!

Belinda M. | Waterdown

Family videos to DVD

Our family had created a shelf full of VHS tapes capturing our life for the past 18 years! Too embarrassed to show anyone, they sat there, unlabelled, collecting dust. Our kids would ask my husband and I to find video clips of them learning to water-ski or snow board, so they could see how they have improved over the years. I'd have to explain to them that It would take me days to find what they wanted, and then our VCR broke and we went to DVD's. Embarrassed I packed our tapes into shopping bags and game them to Mike. What we received back from him was PRICELESS!!!!! In chronological order from the time our kids were born.

Leslee E. | Erin

A collection of home videos to DVD

I passed on what could only be described as a mess of videos and 8mm cassettes with no titles and had no idea what was on many of them. After continuing communications with them I was presented with an absolutely beautiful case containing a very professionally, accurately organized chronicle of my wedding and the first 6 years of my children's lives that will be preserved for a long time. We can hardly believe the finished product is so accurate considering we had no idea of the order of the tapes. The titles and directories at the start of each cd are tastefully done as well. These are not the home movies of yesteryear but instead capture many special moments with our family including some members that are no longer with us.

Carolyn D. | Orangeville