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DVD Slideshow

Photographs & Memories

Tired of pulling out the photo albums and then putting all the pages back in that have fallen out before you even start your walk down memory lane?  If you have all your photographs scanned, or as many or as few as you'd like from each event put on a DVD you can easily access these memories by just inserting the DVD into your player, pressing play and sitting back to enjoy the photos display on your big screen TV.  I'll add music of your choice playing in the background as the pictures transition seamlessly from one to the next.  You can easily skip chapters and go directly to your favourite point or event.



Scanning Photographs

Get me your pictures and I'll create a beautiful and unique DVD slideshow from any special occasion such as a Wedding, Anniversaries, Family Vacations, Baptisms, First Communions or even Memorial Tributes.

Photographs and Photo AlbumsSoft Touch Video can bring your pictures to life with panning & zooming any or all of the images.  This technique can shift the viewer's focus to specific parts of the photo being displayed and creates a more interesting presentation.  Sit back and enjoy the view as the smooth transitional effects used in your DVD display hundreds of photos - one after the other.  I go through every photo I scan and correct any colour saturation and crop it to a sharp image.

You select the music you'd like playing during the show by either supplying the artists & song names or a CD with the music already on it.  I'll make sure the length of the slideshow matches the length of the songs used.  The final production is burned onto a Taiyo Yuden Watershield DVD-R with a custom full colour waterproof label painted directly onto the gloss finish of the DVD.  This DVD-R I use is the most widely accepted format for almost all desktop DVD players.


Scanning Slides

I know my uncle used them almost exclusively and I'm sure his basement had an awful lot of those slide carousels.  I remember going over to his house and watching him set up the projector & screen and then the 'cha-chunk' noise as each slide advanced after a brief little description from my uncle.  Even Kodak says that film and slide projectors became obsolete over 40 years ago.  Today it is nearly impossible to find a fully functioning projector.  VCRs have been replaced by DVDs and Blu-ray players. Your memories need to catch up!

Your slides are scanned at 450 DPI and increased in size by 500%.  I have conducted a number of scan tests and I have found that slides scanned at anything over 450 DPI will only magnify any and all imperfections... any fleck of dust, any tiny scratch or fingerprint.   You can even see the grain of the film when scanning higher than 600 DPI so beware of those companies that say they'll scan your slides at 1200 DPI - a ridiculous and needless size.  Any image derived from my scan will afford you a printed image easily on an 8 x 10 and ALL my scans are colour corrected with Nikon Photo Editor and simple/singlular blemishes are easily removed using Photoshop - FREE of charge.  The same rule of thumb applies when it comes to scanning slides when people don't remember all the dust, lint and fingerprints smeared all over the slide negative.  Sure, when it's projected onto a wall 30 feet away, you don't notice all the imperfections but when it's scanned, that scanner light catches and amplifies each piece of dust, lint, fingerprint or scratch.  If your slides have been stored in less-than-ideal conditions - the resulting scanned images will reflect that. I use compressed air to blow off any lost dust or lint and I have Digital Ice to try and remove a lot of the remaining imperfections but sometimes that isn't enough.  If one particular image from a slide is destined to be a centre-piece image (used for a label or case insert or you just want it blown up and printed - suitable for framing) then I'll use Photoshop and go into the pixels and repair it even more.

So, if you find a carousel or two of slides while cleaning out your parents basement, do your best to put them in order and give me a call.  I can scan the slides and just like a Slideshow DVD created with photographs, I save the scanned slide images as jpegs and can create a DVD of just your slides.... all put to music of your choice of course.


Scanning Negatives

NegativesThe same with negatives.  When I was going through an old box of photographs a while back, I came across a number of paper sleeves that had large B&W negatives.  The images looked familiar and when I was able to scan them I discovered they were images of my grandmother with my mom in her arms as a baby, my grandfather in WWI (The Royal Canadian Artillery) and a picture from Christmas 1962 at our house in Streetsville.

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