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The Most Popular Film Formats I Convert - Know Your Film


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The Conversion Process

This process requires very expensive equipment so I outsource this particular function to a well known company in Mississauga that I've worked with for the past 10 years and I see no need to re-invent the wheel.  Put all your reels of film in a numbered order and drop them off with me.  I then deliver them to this company along with an external hard drive for him to store the new digital files of your film.  He sends me a quote with the price to have your film converted and I then notify you of the cost.  You decide then whether the cost is acceptable and if you tell me to proceed, I tell them to proceed with the conversion.  When the conversion is complete I pay the fee and pick up the film.  I then transfer the converted file from the external hard drive to my office computer and create your DVD.


What You Need To Know

You should read this first - regarding your expectations of quality.  This film is potentially 60-70 years old and likely stored in less than 'ideal' environmental conditions so please don't expect the resulting DVD to be HiDef quality.  The company I use to convert your film runs your film through rubber rollers and their equipment takes a digital image of each frame. Some companies just run your film through a projector and videotape what is being displayed on the screen.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) this digital image of each frame captures each and every little imperfection in the film... every dust particle and every tiny scratch.  These are things you wouldn't see when the film is projected on a wall or screen 30-40 feet away.  Generally speaking, almost all my clients are elated just to be able to see their old family movies without dragging out the equipment - even if they still had a working projector!


Creating Your DVD

After I pick up your reels of film and the digital file(s), I then create your DVD with a custom menu, title boards and music of your choice.  If you have particular songs you'd like, just give me the names of the song and artist and I'll find them.  The fee to actually create the DVD is separate from the cost to have your film converted.  For example, if you have 10 fifty foot reels, the cost to convert those is $90 plus $29.99 to transfer the file to the hard drive.  I then charge an extra $20 per hour of video to create your DVD.  If you have 2 hours of video then my fee is $40.  I also edit out all the 'unwatchable' footage - sections that are totally blurry/out-of-focus, grossly over/under exposed or parts where the camera shake is so bad that you'd need gravol to watch any of it.  I will also apply colour-correction tools if the film is suffering from 'fixable' colour issues.