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Disc Labels & Case Inserts

Professional Disc Labels

JVC-Taiyo Yuden Watershield DVD-R discsThe all-new WaterShield blank media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements.  From Taiyo Yuden - the inventor of the CD-R, WaterShield discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches and offer a beautiful glossy finish that equals the quality of offset printing when printing with a high resolution inkjet printer.  These DVD-R discs are hub-printable and has the world's widest record and playback compatibility.  These are the only discs I use and you're assured quality and perfect playability every time.

Get the glossy look of professional thermal printer output - combined with the high resolution and true colors of inkjet
  •   Advanced formulation that adds resistance to scratches and water
  •   Hub printable with no stacking ring
  •   Industry wide compatibility with players and recorders

    Generic Labels - Examples here

    Useful when you have no pictures available or you can't get them to me for one reason or another.  I have thousands of high quality stock photo's at my disposal.

    Different Labels For Each Disc - Examples here

    If you're having all your family video or film converted (multiple tapes/reels that will generate multiple discs) and you've taped your kids as they're growing up, it's nice to have a photo of the people involved as they were during the time frame of the disc.  If it's your wedding video, or you went on vacation or attended a certain event, if you have photo's of the event or trip, they'll identify the disc contents immediately just by looking at the label.

    The Same Label For Each Disc

    I have a number of clients that had all their family footage put onto numerous discs and they opted for the same family photo for all their discs.  It's a personal choice and at the bottom each disc (as for all the discs I create), the date range is identified plainly so you can select the right disc each and every time.

    Screen Grabs - Examples here

    This is an option for clients that don't have photographs of the principals involved and they may not even know what is on each reel of film. So what I do is take a 'screen grab' of a segment of the film (that is in focus) and save it as a .jpg.  These are small images and not suitable for enlarging much larger than 2" x 2" as they go all pixilated.  I grab about 16 images for each label, then run them through Nikon Photo Editor to colour correct and sharpen the images and then arrange them in a square (4 rows/4 columns).  This is a time consuming process but it's just another 'service' I include at no extra charge.

    Selecting The Proper Picture To Be Used For A Disc Label - Examples here

    Landscape photo's work best. If it's a 'portrait' layout but numerous subjects in the picture, then I might be able to work with it but if it's something like a school portrait (ie - head and shoulders only) - you're going to find a crucial piece of the face blotted out by the hole of the disc.  When you're selecting the photo's you'd like to be used as disc labels, keep in mind that 'the hole has to go somewhere'.

    Professional Case Inserts

    The inkjet photo gloss DVD case inserts I use come from Professional Label and they're specially coated for ultra high resolution inkjet printing.  They show fine detail, vibrant colors and are quick drying. It's a light weight glossy stock and is micro perforated for easy tear down to a custom fit for the outer sleeve on DVD cases.  I've tried all the rest and these are the best!

    I use photographs that I've already scanned for either the project or the disc label(s), and add them thoughtfully throughout the case insert.  If you haven't already told me which photo you'd like for the front of the case, I'll design several inserts, take screen shots of them and email them to you for approval.  Once you make your selection I print off as many as you need for the number of discs you want.  I have the full size Hollywood style DVD cases that can hold one, two, three or four discs.

    Case Insert examples here